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LBE Click System (Tongue & Groove)

Vertical Cladding & Roofing

U Panels

Vertical Cladding & Roofing

Multi Function Panels

Vertical Cladding & Roofing

RT - Thermolight

Skylight fixed to Steel Roofing

Multi Wall Flat Sheet

General Purpose Vertical & Horizontal


Translucent facades are economic, functional and aesthetical.


Our light-weight products with their ease of installation will save your time and money.


You get long lasting systems with excellent properties: shock-resistant and heat insulating.


Choose from a wide range of colours or develop with us your individual custom-made colour.


Ecological and sustainable. PC is a multi-purpose resource which can be reused in many processes when recycled.


Our Systems offer a solution for almost every application – whether inside or outside, roof or wall!

Custom Made

Your order can be made to measure – saves money and the environment. No unnecessary off-cuts.


Technically comprehensive customer service! We provide advice which system will fit best to your plan.




Rodeca offers a wide range of products for design and construction of translucent facades. From experience for each project a specific requirement onto construction is the key point. Depending on the objective a suitable and economical product solution can be presented. From panels with tongue and groove joint in 16 or 20 mm thickness, ideal for non air-conditioned halls or similar, to 60mm thick panels with tongue and groove joint for facades and walls with excellent heat-insulating properties.

All products have in common the multi-layered structure that leads to good isolation values and light-weight. Combined with aluminium farming systems and other accessories translucent facades and rain screens can be realized so that both insanitary and new buildings shine in (new) splendor.


Rodeca offers a wide range of products for all kinds of translucent roof areas. Depending on scheduled design of a translucent off surface we can offer the right solution with our products. Whether flat or curved roof lights, with our window heat-reflecting surface, if shed or gable roof, we bring natural daylight into every building.

interior design

Interior Design

As a matter of course our products are not only suitable for outside use. Especially in the field of interior design and application our products offer a wide scope for creativity and art. The examples of usage presented here are only showcases of a small percentage of thinkable opportunities. We are curious about your ideas what else might be done with our products.


In Kamp-Lintford (about 35 km from Rodeca GmbH in Mülheim) our in-house window construction facility is located. All types from our windows series are manufactured and inspected from factory production control in Kamp-Lintfort.

Rodeca offers windows with thermally broken and on-thermally broken aluminium farming systems. Depending on window type and series Rodeca windows are suitable for glazing with Rodeca LBE panels or isolation glass.