About the Astra Group

Astra Sky

In 1985 Astra skylights started its operation as the Pretoria Franchise of the Valiant Vikon Skylight Company. The franchise was taken over in 1996 by Anton Coetzee who is until today still the owner and day to day manager. In 1998 Astra skylight decided to focus on the home owner that was neglected by the larger Skylight providers (companies). After parting with the Valiant Vikon Skylights franchise and their restrictions, Astra Skylight started developing its own line of products, methods and services that are practical and cost effective.

Our then new adopted philosophy of the right product at the right price has kept us in business for last 14 years and helped us to penetrate the corporate market without any aggressive marketing or advertising strategies. We are now in fortunate position that we can cater to specific customized needs with our in house Draughtsman and associate Engineer. Our philosophy the right product at the right price is reinforced by a hands on approach and passion for the individual.